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Our vision

Our Mission

With consistently innovative spirit, and the core platform of energy conservation technology, our company will develop energy saving products and solutions that fit the market and social needs, and will create a better future for customers, employees, investors, and society. Inspired by consistent innovation and core energy conservation technology, Pioneer Energy commits to creating a better future for customers, employees, investors and the society at large by developing energy saving products and solutions that cater to the market and social needs.

Our Core Objectives and Values

During the company’s operation and daily business, we combine the strict administration system and quality warranty of WFOE, with the flexible marketing and customer-oriented value of Chinese enterprises. We are committed to developing the core technology, and promoting innovative capability. We advocate such values as compliance with prodecure, transparent decision making, quick market response and stringent internal control.

For Talents

We are dedicated to establishing a responsible and employee-oriented company culture. We embrace a diversity of talents from all over the country and encourage team members to demonstrate self-motivation and creativity to promote work efficiency and effectiveness. Every team member is encouraged to have a proactive, sunny, and courageous attitude and efforts are made to establish a team with strong execution capabilities.